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Student enrollment in public schools, by race/ethnicity in Texas

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Definition and Source



Students enrolled in public schools in Texas, by race/ethnicity.

For a list of the school districts counted in each county, visit
For data on school districts, contact [email protected].

Data Source

Texas Education Agency


"Other" include Asian, American Indian, Pacific Islander, and Two or More Races. 

The U.S. Department of Education requires that information on student ethnicity and race be collected separately. Respondents may select only one category for ethnicity (Hispanic/Latino or Not Hispanic/Latino) but may select multiple designations for race. Respondents who select "Hispanic/Latino" for ethnicity are counted in this category for aggregate reporting, regardless of the responses provided to the question on race. Respondents who select “Not Hispanic/Latino” for ethnicity, and select more than one category for race, will be counted in the category “Two or More Races” for aggregate reporting.

Loving County data is not available (NA) because there are no schools in the county. Some data is masked ("LNE," or "0" starting in 2018) because of small numbers of students in certain racial/ethnic categories and to comply with FERPA. 

Last Updated

December 2023