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Medicaid enrollment (birth to age 18) in Texas

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Number and percent of children ages (birth to age 18) enrolled in the Texas Medicaid program.

Data Source

Texas Health and Human Services Commission


Prior to 2012, data on children enrolled in Medicaid was based on the number of children certified as eligible for Medicaid at a point-in-time in August. Due to data system and Texas Medicaid methodology changes, enrollment numbers beginning in 2012 also include an adjustment to simulate the additional children who will be retroactively covered by Medicaid. Medicaid can retroactively cover medical bills for children 3 months prior to certification.

As part of the Affordable Care Act, CHIP clients under 133% FPL were moved to Medicaid beginning in January 2014. The increase in 2014 and 2015 numbers reflects that transition process. See "CHIP Enrollment" for the corresponding decrease.

"NA" for the percentage means population estimates are not yet available to calculate percentages. 

Some counties may have greater than 100% participation due to their very small populations and the different methodologies of the enrollment and population data.

Updated January 2023.

Last Updated

January 2023