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State EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) claims in Massachusetts

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Why This Indicator Matters

The Earned Income Tax Credit improves the economic security of working families by increasing the after-tax incomes of low and moderate wage workers. Research documents the long-term effects of the EITC on families and children.

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Definition and Source



State tax returns including claim for state Earned Income Tax Credit.

Number – Number of tax filers who claim the state EITC.
Percent – Percent of total tax filers who claim the state EITC.

S – Data suppressed due to confidentiality rules at the Mass. Dept. of Revenue.

Data Source

Statistics on Earned Income Tax Credit: Credit Claims by Town, Mass. Department of Revenue. 

Data updated April 2022.


City and town totals include full-time as well as non-resident or part-year resident tax filers.

Massachusetts totals include filers from Devens and Hanscom military bases, as well as non-resident or part-year out-of-state filers who are not included in the city/town totals. Additionally, the total count for all small towns where numbers are suppressed is taken into account.

These totals are:
2013: 435
2014: 471
2015: 511
2016: 528
2017: 579
2018: 554
2019: 568

Out of state 
2013: 37,569
2014: 36,625
2015: 35,513
2016: 36,482
2017: 10,289
2018: 10,259
2019: 10,501

Small towns where numbers are suppressed
2017: 15
2018: 6
2019: 5

Last Updated

September 2022