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Youth detained for status offenses in Kentucky

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Number of youth detained in a secure juvenile detention center in Kentucky due to a status offense. Status offenses are youth misbehavior that is not criminal. In Kentucky these acts include skipping or being late for school, running away from home, being beyond control of parents/guardians or school, possessing alcohol or purchasing tobacco.

Data Source

Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice and Louisville Metro Youth Detention Services.


Youth detained counts youth each time they are booked into a facility. Youth may be counted more than once in the statewide total if detained multiple times during the year. Detentions for out-of-state youth are not included in the statewide total. The county summation for a given year may not equal the statewide total due to missing county information. Count includes unique bookings for court-related (i.e. contempt of court) charges on underlying status offenses in which no public offense was associated with the booking.

S = Number suppressed if fewer than 6 events.

 Updated on 2/5/2024

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February 2024