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Advanced placement tests passed in Delaware

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The Advanced Placement (AP) program gives students across the country the opportunity to discover knowledge and explore new subjects that might otherwise remain uncharted in high school curriculum. Based on a cooperative educational effort between secondary schools and colleges and universities across the U.S., the AP program enables students to earn credit or advanced standing at many of the nation's colleges and universities by taking college-level courses in a high-school setting. To participate in the program, students are only required to possess a strong curiosity for the subject they plan to study and the willingness to work hard. The AP program allows students to explore subjects in greater depth and broaden their horizons, preparing students for the rigor or college courses and enabling them to show their commitment to academic excellence.
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Definition and Source



Advanced Placement (AP) Tests Passed by Delaware Public School Students in Delaware. Passed means getting a 3, 4, or 5 on the test.

Data Source

Delaware Department of Education

Last Updated

February 2024