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Vaping, marijuana and cigarette use 2016-2019 in Delaware

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Why This Indicator Matters

Students in 11th grade were asked if they smoke cigarettes or marijuana, vape, or engage in a combination of those substances.

The health and well-being of adolescents and teenagers in communities nationwide is endangered by alcohol , tobacco and other drug use. Common social and environmental risk factors such as poor education, family-related stress and exposure to drugs and drug-abusing peers have been shown to contribute significantly to use of drugs and alcohol. Periods of transition, and the new challenges and environments that often come with these transitional times in young people's lives, are considered especially high risk periods for drug use.

Every young person in danger of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use has different needs, and drug abuse prevention strategies should be targeted to accommodate the specific needs of the individuals involved. Strategies may focus on psychological and emotional support, drug and alcohol education initiatives or comprehensive intervention.
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Definition and Source



Vaping, marijuana and cigarette use by eleventh-graders

Data Source

Delaware School Survey. Center for Drug and Health Studies, University of Delaware


Last Updated

November 2022