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Median income of families with children by family type in Delaware

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Why This Indicator Matters

Delaware should be a state where every child is financially secure. However, historical and current policies, laws and practices have created and maintained deep divides in children's opportunities. The availability of and access to jobs that pay family-sustaining wages shapes parents' ability to provide financial security for their children, which affects children's likelihood to reach their full potential. Poverty produces a wide variety of circumstances that can hurt children's well-being, from lack of access to health care, to increased risk of hunger, to higher risk of facing challenges in school. Living in poverty as a child is also predictive of worse employment outcomes as adults.
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Definition and Source



Median income in U.S. dollars of households with children under 18 year by family type, five-year average

Data Source

U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey. Table S0901

Last Updated

December 2023