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How do I find the data source for a specific indicator?

When looking at the list of indicators, two appear to be identical. What is the difference?

While it may appear that an indicator has been listed twice by mistake, that is not the case. The indicators provided by National KIDS COUNT (shown with a blue triangle) come from federal statistical agencies and allow for comparisons across states and, in some instances, congressional districts and the 50 largest U.S. cities. Data provided by the state KIDS COUNT organizations (shown with an orange circle) come from state governments, making comparisons within states possible (counties, school districts, etc.). If you run across an instance where an indicator appears to be listed twice, keep in mind that the data sources and, as a result, the data are different. If you have a question as to which number you should use, please contact us.

FAQ Question 3

How do I rank states, counties or other geographies?

Once you select an indicator of interest (e.g. child poverty), you will reach a report page, click on the Sort/Rank tab on the left. Data for the selected indicator will be ranked.

FAQ Question 4

How does my state rank overall on child well-being?

The KIDS COUNT Overall Rank provides insight into how states rank on 16 key well-being indicators. The Overall Rank can be accessed by clicking on KIDS COUNT State Rankings under Quick Links on the Data Center home page.

FAQ Question 5

The Overall Rank for my state is informative, but it masks how we are performing in different areas. Is it possible to rank my state in different areas?

The KIDS COUNT index incorporates four domains that capture those assets and protective factors children need most to thrive in terms of (1) economic well-being, (2) education, (3) health and (4) family and community. Each of the four domains is comprised by four indicators that measure how children are faring in each area. In addition to the Overall Rank, KIDS COUNT ranks states in each of the four domains. They can be accessed by clicking on KIDS COUNT State Rankings under Quick Links on the Data Center home page.

What happened to the 10 key indicators tracked by the KIDS COUNT Data Book?

The 2012 KIDS COUNT Data Book introduced a new index comprised of 16 indicators. Six of the original 10 key indicators remain unchanged in the new KIDS COUNT index, the child and teen death rates were combined into one indicator, infant mortality was deleted because it was highly correlated with the percent of low birthweight babies indicator, and the percent of teens not in school and not high school graduates was replaced with teen not graduating high school on time. In addition to these changes, eight new indicators were added to the index. The original 10 indicators continue to be collected and can be found in the Data Center.

The diversification of the indicators and the incorporation of domains provide a more complete picture of how children are faring overall and in key areas that affect their well-being.

How do I share data on social networking sites, blogs and other online venues?

Once an indicator of interest has been selected, you will go to that indicator's report page. You can create a table, map, line graph or bar graph by selecting the appropriate tab. Once the visualization is created, select Share. Options to share information through particular social media platforms will be provided. Select network of interest and share content.

FAQ Question 8

Can I access data on the Data Center through my smartphone?

All of the indicators on the KIDS COUNT Data Center can be accessed through our mobile site. Visit

How do I cite KIDS COUNT data?

Permission to copy, reprint or otherwise distribute KIDS COUNT data is granted as long as appropriate acknowledgement is given: The Annie E. Casey Foundation, KIDS COUNT Data Center, If appropriate, replace the website address with the complete page URL from where the data was found.

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