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Young adults ages 25 to 29 who have completed an associate's degree or higher by family nativity in United States

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Definition and Source



Young adults ages 25 to 29 who have completed an associate’s degree or higher. The category “associate’s degree” includes people whose highest degree is an associate’s degree, which generally requires 2 years of college level work and is either in an occupational program that prepares them for a specific occupation, or an academic program primarily in the arts and sciences. The course work may or may not be transferable to a bachelor’s degree. Foreign-born youth and young adults are either a U.S. citizen by naturalization or not a citizen of the U.S.

Data Source

U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey. Estimates are based on an average of three 1-Year Public Use Microdata Sample files.


S - Data are suppressed if the calculated coefficient of variation is 30 or higher.

Last Updated

October 2017