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Kindergarten readiness in Mississippi

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The Fall Readiness Benchmark = 530: This is the score that is recommended on the state kindergarten readiness assessment at the beginning of kindergarten (Fall). Research indicates that 85% of students scoring 530 or higher at the beginning of kindergarten are proficient in reading at the end of grade 3. Students with a score below 530 usually need additional support. The Spring Readiness Benchmark = 681.

STAR Literacy Classification Levels:
1. Emergent    2. Transitional    3. Probable

Emergent (300-674)
Early Emergent Reader (330-487):
Understands printed text has meaning, can identify colors, shapes, letters, and numbers.
Late Emergent Reader (488-674):
Identify letters of alphabet, "read" picture books, and can read favorite books with an adult.

Transitional (675-774)
Mastered alphabet skills and letter sounds, can blend sounds and word parts to read simple words.

Probable (775-900)
Recognizes words, spends less time sounding out words and more time understanding what is being read.

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Mississippi Department of Education

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Updated April 2022.
NA: Not Available; S: Data Suppressed.

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April 2022