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High school graduation by race and ethnicity by school district in Tennessee

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Definition and Source



Percentage of students graduating within four years of entering high school, and graduation in more than four years for students with an Individual Education Plan. Graduation rate is based on NCLB formula. High school graduation includes regular high school diploma- earn 20 units of credit and pass the Tennessee Proficiency Test, and diploma to special education students who complete an individualized education program (IEP) and pass the Tennessee Proficiency Test. 

Data Source

Tennessee Department of Education. 


From 2021-22 school year Tennessee State Board of Education is renamed as Tennessee Public Charter School Commission.
'*' Rates not reported for 10 valid students or tests.
'**' suppress if less than 1%
State level data include state special schools.
NA = Not Applicable or available.

Last Updated

December 2023