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High school completion by race/ethnicity in South Dakota

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The percent of students in the school year who have attained a diploma or a GED. This includes students who graduated outside of the traditional four-year time-frame (both early and late graduates). This also includes students who obtained an alternate completion credential before age 21, namely the GED. The Department collects GED information for all test takers in South Dakota; any schools with students who have completed a GED outside of South Dakota can submit that record to the Department through the appeal process available to districts.

Data Source

South Dakota Department of Education,


NA - Data is suppressed if denominator is less than 10
NOTES - If students did not attend at least 50% of their last enrolled year at one school, students counted at the high school they attended the longest, or the last enrolled if there are multiple with equal enrollment lengths.

Numerator = Number of students who obtained a high school diploma or GED in the most recently completed school year

Denominator (example years) = Dropouts (Grade 9 dropouts in 2014-15 + Grade 10 dropouts in 2015-16 + Grade 11 dropouts in 2016-17 + Grade 12 dropouts in 2017-18) + the number of students who obtained a high school diploma or GED in the most recently completed school year

Corsica 21-2 and Stickney 01-2 consolidated into Corsica-Stickney 21-3 in 2015/16 and is only reported as Corsica-Stickney 21-3 in this table. 
Shannon County School District 65-1 changed their district name to Oglala Lakota County School District 65-1 in 2015 and is only reported as Oglala Lakota County School District in this table. Grant-Deuel School Disctrict dissolved and attached to Milbank School District 25-4, Deuel School District 19-4, and Waverly-South Shore School District 14-5 in 2017/18.

Last Updated

October 2023