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Births and birth rate by ward in District of Columbia

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Definition and Source



(Number) Number of live births.

(Rate) Number of live births per 1,000 population. 

Data Source

DC Department of Health Infant Mortality Reports and by request from the DC Department of Health.


Note that from 2015-2018 the citywide number of births covers all births, whether the ward of DC is known or not, but the citywide birth rate only covers births with a known ward.

In 2014 and earlier birth rates were provided as part of an annual DOH report using population numbers the DC Office of Planning State Data Center derived from Census and American Community Survey data. Starting in 2015 DC Action received the number of births, and the birth rate by ward, from DOH and calculated the citywide rate using the population numbers in the ACS 5-year estimates.

Last Updated March 2024

Last Updated

March 2024