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Federal Earned Income Tax Credit number of filers in Connecticut

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Definition and Source



This indicator reports the number of households with children under 18 years that received the federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).

Town totals for the number of filers were aggregated from zip-code EITC totals. A weighted total was calculated for zip-codes which encompass two or more towns by dividing the zip-codes’ totals by the number of towns they included. The weighted total was added to the rest of the respective towns’ totals. County and statewide totals for the number of filers are aggregated from town EITC totals.

Data Source

Internal Revenue Service, Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), Fiscal Years 2014 - 2020.


The data source has not published new data for this indicator in recent years, but the indicator will be updated on the KIDS COUNT Data Center if or when new data are released. Until then, these data may provide useful historical information for those working in this field.

Last Updated

May 2022