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Children in poverty by race-ethnicity in Illinois

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Definition and Source



Percent of children under age 18 (0-17) who are living in families with incomes below 100% of the federal poverty threshold in each geographic area.

Because of the way the U.S. Census Bureau collects and disseminates Race-Ethnicity data for children, the following categories should be considered Race data: American Indian and Alaska Native alone, Asian alone, Black alone, Two or More Races alone, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone, Other Racial/Ethnic Identity alone, and White alone. Categories for Ethnicity data are: Hispanic or Latina/o/x (of any race) and White alone (not Latinx).

Metropolitan Chicago defined as Cook County and the five collar counties (DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry, and Will).

Data Source

U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey, Poverty Status in the Past 12 Months by Age (Universe: Population for whom poverty status is determined), 5-Year Estimates, Tables B17020 and B17020B-I.


The federal poverty thresholds are updated each year by the U.S. Census Bureau and were established in 1964 using guidelines set by the Social Security Administration. Current thresholds can be found here

UPDATED - December 2022
N.A. - Not Available. Estimates are suppressed when unreliable or the relative standard error is greater than 30%.
GEOGRAPHY - Data reflect the child’s place of residence. 
DATE - ACS data reflect a 5-year pooled estimate. That is, the estimate is the result of data being continuously collected nearly every day for five years. 

Last Updated

December 2023