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Intercensal population estimates in Maryland

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Definition and Source



Total population estimates for intercensal years 2000-2010.

Percent refers to percentage of Maryland's total population residing in each county.

Data Source

U.S Census Bureau


Intercensal Estimates: Population estimate produced for the years between two decennial censuses when both the beginning and ending population are known. They are produced once a decade by adjusting the existing time series of postcensal estimates for the entire decade to smooth the transition from one decennial census count to the next.

They differ from the postcensal estimates that are released annually because they rely on a mathematical formula that redistributes the difference between the April 1st postcensal estimate and April 1st census count for the end of the decade across the estimates for that decade. 

For dates when both postcensal and intercensal estimates are available, intercensal estimates are preferred.

Last Updated

February 2015