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Children enrolled in Medicaid and Dr. Dynasaur in Vermont

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Definition and Source



Percent of children under age 18 who were enrolled in Dr. Dynasaur, Vermont's public health insurance program, which includes children receiving Medicaid.

Data Source

2007-2013 data is from the Vermont Agency of Human Services, Department of Children and Families, Economic Services Division.  Data for 2014 forward is from the Department of Vermont Health Access.


Each year represents the rolling average of data for three years. Prior to 2007, data reflects full-year enrollment.  Starting in 2007, data reflects three-year averages of snapshots of enrollment for the month of April (e.g., 2007 data is the average of April 2005, April 2006, and April 2007).  Data from before 2007 and data from after 2007 is not directly comparable.  The "universe" of all children less than age 18 is derived from the Vermont Department of Health/U.S Census population estimates as 3-year rolling averages.  

Last Updated

January 2024