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Child Population in Arizona

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Definition and Source



Data Source

U.S. Census Bureau  American Community Survey (5 Year Estimates); Table B01001 SEX BY AGE


N.A.: Not Available; S = Data Suppressed.

The percentages represent the percentage of the population that is under 18.

The American Community Survey is based on sample sizes and the numbers presented in this indicator are just estimates and are not to be taken as accurate counts.

The Census Bureau recommends that you:
DO compare similar period lengths, for example, 3-year to 3-year.
DON'T compare estimates from different period lengths, for example, 1-year to 3-year.
DO compare estimates from non-overlapping periods, for example, compare a 2005-2007 ACS 3-year estimate to a 2008-2010 ACS 3-year estimate.
DON'T compare overlapping periods, for example, the 2005-2007 ACS 3-year estimates to the 2006-2008 ACS 3-year estimates.

Last Updated

October 2023