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21st Century Community Learning Centers participants in Illinois

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Definition and Source



Number of participants in 21st Century Community Learning Centers, an afterschool programs funded by the federal government under Title IV of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

Data Source

Illinois State Board of Education, 21st Century Community Learning Centers available here. See Statewide Evaluations reports, Table 2: Grantees, sites, and students served.


The U.S. Department of Education implemented new Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) indicators for FY 21-22. Student attendance changed from being reporting by days to hours. While previously, students were designated “regular” attendees if they came to the program for more than 30 days, under the new indicators there is no “regular” designation. Therefore, data on regular attendees are not reported from 2021-2022 forward.

Last Updated

December 2023