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Children with MaineCare by age group and county in Maine

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Why This Indicator Matters

Children with health insurance have better health than children who do not have insurance, as they are likely to not receive timely care if they do not have health insurance. A child's health is also influenced by whether or not the parents have insurance. Maine expanded access to Medicaid for adults (called MaineCare in this state) in January 2019.  See: Improving health by raising rates of health insurance coverage

What the data shows

The number of children with MaineCare in the years 2012-2022 was at its highest in 2012 with 144,198 children enrolled and then declined from 2012-2019 and has been increasing since 2020. For state fiscal year 2023, a total of 133, 431 were enrolled which 15,294 more children were enrolled than in 2019. and the percentage rose from 43.9% to 50.3%.  This was the highest rate since at least 2010. In 2023, 51.8% of children ages 0 -5 were enrolled in MaineCare, while the rate was 49.7% for ages 6-18.

In terms of county rates, as of June 30, 2023, six counties-- Washington, Piscataquis, Somerset, Oxford, Aroostook and Androscoggin Counties had rates above 60%.  Washington County had the highest rate at 71.1%. By contrast, three counties had rates at or below 39%- Cumberland (37.1%), Sagadahoc (37.9%), and York (39.0%).
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Definition and Source



The number and percent of children birth to age 5, ages 6-18 and the total children participating in MaineCare. This data is reported by state fiscal years, ending June 30. Children are reported by county of residence at the end of June or the end of the child's participation in the program. The numerator is the number of children who used MaineCare at any time in the fiscal year and the denominator is the number of children in Maine ages 0 to 18 for same year or for the latest year that population data is available for.


The statewide figures include children who were out-of-state or whose county of residence is unknown. It includes those in the age group 6 to18 who turned 19 during the fiscal year. The figures include MaineCare and CHIP but count a child only once even if they had both MaineCare and CHIP during a fiscal year. The latest population estimates, for the denominators are for 2022 and are from the Maine Office of Vital Statistics.

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October 2023