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Student enrollment in public schools by race in Louisiana

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Definition and Source



Number - the number of public school students of any age reported as actively enrolled by race and Hispanic origin. This count includes special education infants and preschoolers, pre-kindergarten-12, and non-graded students. 

Percent - the number of public school students of a given race per 100 public school students.

Data Source

Agenda for Children's analysis of data provided by the Louisiana Department of Education.


Data for Recovery School District schools, charter schools and city district schools are reflected in the parish-level data of the parish in which the school is located. Data for the following schools and school systems are not included in parish-level data, but is reflected in the statewide totals: Special School District, Louisiana School For Math, Science & the Arts, Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy, Louisiana Connections Academy, Louisiana School for the Deaf and the Visually Impaired, Louisiana Special Education Center, and LA Office of Juvenile Justice. 

Note that beginning with the 2010-2011 school year, data are reported for two additional categories (Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander and "more than one race").  Therefore, data collected prior to the 2010 school year are not directly comparable to later data.

Last Updated

December 2023