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Mothers without a high school diploma in Mississippi

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Definition and Source



This data represents mothers who had a child born in [Year] without a high school diploma.

Race definitions (by race of mother):
The two categories for race used in this publication are white and nonwhite (pre-2013, see footnote).
White includes such groups as Caucasian Anglo-American, Canadian, Cuban, French, Greek, Hispanic, Latin American, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Swedish, etc.
Nonwhite includes such groups as Black, African-American, American Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Hawaiian, Filipino, and all other groups not considered as white.

Data Source

Mississippi State Department of Health. Public Health Statistics. [Year] Summary Statistics by County.

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Updated August 2021.
Educational attainment level is the sum (for either number or percent) from the categories of None, 1-6 Years, 7-9 Years, and 10-11 Years. For 2013 and later, this is the sum from the categories of "8th grade or less" and "9th - 12th grade, no diploma."
Beginning with 2013 data, MSDH has replaced the "Nonwhite" category with "Black."

Last Updated

August 2021