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4-year-old kindergarten enrollment in Wisconsin

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Why This Indicator Matters

Four-year-old kindergarten enrollment demonstrates the success of free public pre-kindergarten education in Wisconsin, now offered in more than 95% of school districts.

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Definition and Source



These data represent the number of children enrolled in public school 4K programs (four-year-old kindergarten) in each school district. Enrollment counts are taken the third Friday of each September. Independent charter schools are not included.

Some school districts have consolidated over the years and changed names. School district names reflect the most recent year of data, even if a past year of data is selected from the options. Maps show only the school district boundaries based on the most recent year of data, not historical school district boundaries, even if a past year of data is selected from the options.

These data may have been influenced by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, staring in 2020.

Data Source

Data are from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction: WISEdash data files for Enrollment.

Last Updated

April 2024