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Disciplinary action, 2004/2005-2013/2014 in Florida

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Disciplinary Actions - Florida Department of Education has identified nine types of disciplinary actions. More than one disciplinary action per student may have occurred during the year. Corporal Punishment- the moderate use of physical force or physical contact by either a teacher or principal to maintain discipline or to enforce school rule. In-School Suspensions - the temporary removal of a student from the school program not exceeding ten days. Out-of-School Suspensions - the temporary removal of a student from a school and the school program for a period not exceeding ten days or extended beyond ten school days pending School Board hearing for expulsion. Placement in Alternative Education Setting - the student is removed from the school for an offense, not expelled, and placed in an alternative education setting.

Data Source

Division of Accountability, Research and Measurement, PK-12 Education Information Services, Florida Department of Education, Tallahassee, FL

Last Updated

November 2015