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Births with late or no prenatal care in Michigan

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Why This Indicator Matters

Prenatal care increases the chances of a healthy pregnancy and birth. Births are considered to have had late or no prenatal care when care began in the third trimester or when no prenatal care was received. Prenatal care is adequate when it begins in the first trimester and includes, on average, at least one or two additional prenatal care visits per month, depending on the length of gestation.
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Definition and Source



Births to mothers who received late or no prenatal care, as defined by the new birth certificate used in Michigan since July 2007. This is a two-year average for 2009 and a three year average for subsequent years.

The percent is based on the total number of live births. An "S" indicates fewer than an average of two occurrences in the three-year period. Percents are suppressed to maintain reliability.

Data Source

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Division for Vital Records and Health Statistics.


County data for 2008-2015 were revised on 2/5/2019.

City data for 2008-2015 were revised on 3/27/2019

Last Updated

January 2023