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Population age 20 to 24 by race and ethnicity - 2004-2013 in Florida

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Population age 20 to 24 by race and Hispanic origin. White includes persons who designated white as their only racial category. Black includes persons who designated black or African American as their only racial category. Other alone or two or more races includes persons who designated a single racial category other than white or black or who designated two or more races on the 2010 U.S. Census. Hispanic includes persons who classified themselves in one of the specific Hispanic or Latino categories. Hispanic may be of any race.
Individuals who identify as Hispanic were also included in the racial category they identified with.

Data Source

Office of Economic and Demographic Research, Florida Legislature, Tallahassee, FL


Developed at the annual Florida Consensus Estimating Conferences. Represents April 1 data.
Data for groups less than 10 are represented by an * due to confidentially.

Last Updated

November 2016