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High school dropout rate by grade in Nevada

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As of 2009, the definition of a dropout is an individual who:
1. was enrolled in school at some time during the previous school year and was not enrolled by October 1 of the current school year; or
2. was not enrolled at the beginning of the previous school year although was expected to be in membership (i.e., was not reported as a dropout the year before); and
3. has not graduated from high school or completed a state- or district-approved educational program; and
4. does not meet any of the following exclusionary restrictions:
   i. transfer to another public school district, private school, or state- or district-approved education program;
   ii. temporary school-recognized absence due to suspension or illness; or

The definition of a dropout prior to 2009:
Dropouts are students who had withdrawn from school after the first day of fall enrollment, or who had completed the previous school year, but did not return for the start of the new school year.

Data Source

Nevada Department of Education.

Last Updated

June 2013