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Children applied and eligible for Medicaid/CHIP by ward in District of Columbia

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(Number) The number of children in families who applied and were deemed eligible for Medicaid/CHIP in June of each year. Data include children and youth under age 18. Note that young people up through age 20 are also eligible, so many official counts cover the wider age range.

Data Source

Division of Analytics and Policy Research, DC Department of Health Care Finance


Last Updated December 2022
Medicaid recertification requirements were waived during the COVID public health emergency. Starting in spring 2023, all Medicaid participants will have to re-certify, with that process being staggered out over the course of a year. Data on that process is available at Once everyone is back on a regular recertification schedule, DHCF anticipates resuming its regular reporting, at which point this measure will be updated.

For some recipients, ward of residence is not known.
2018: 2,172 children (under age 18) whose ward was unknown
2019: 2,156
2020: 1,856
2021: 1,785
2022: 1,936

Last Updated

December 2022