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Foster Care - Exits during reporting period by discharge reason in Pennsylvania

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Why This Indicator Matters

The court-ordered goal for a child defines the permanency plan, and requires the child welfare agency to take steps to achieving it. Family-based goals are the ideal permanency option, and reunification with a parent continues to be the primary outcome for children in foster care, followed by adoption.
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Definition and Source



The number and percent of children discharged from foster care during the reporting period by discharge reason.

Data Source

PPC analysis of AFCARS longitudinal file produced by Public Consulting Group for Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, Office of Children, Youth and Families.


This number can be a duplicated count as a child can exit multiple times during the reporting period.  Reunification, adoption, guardianship and live with other relatives are considered exits to permanent arrangements.  Emancipation, transfer to another agency, and runaway are exits to non-permanent arrangements.

S = Suppressed.  Statistics (rates, ratios, percents) are not calculated and displayed for counts less than 10 (or less than 3 for Bayesian/Nearest Neighbor rates). This is due to the unreliability of statistics based on small numbers of events.

Last Updated

October 2022