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Children approved for free and reduced-price school meals (grades k-12) in West Virginia

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Definition and Source



The percent of all enrolled children in grades K-12 who applied and were approved for free or reduced-price school meals. This indicator is used as a measure of the percent of poor and near-poor children in West Virginia. Children whose parents’ income is below 130% of poverty are eligible for free meals; reduced-price meals are available for children whose parents’ income is between 130% and 185% of poverty.

Data Source

(State)WV Department of Education, Office of Child Nutrition, Percentage of Needy Students,
(National) The Food Research and Action Center, State of the States.


At a county and state level, this variable is a percentage based on two fiscal years of data.  The numerator is the number of submitted and approved applications for free or reduced-price school meals in grades K-12; the denominator is the total student enrollment in grades K-12.

Last Updated

February 2013