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Eligible children enrolled in Early Head Start in Rhode Island

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Definition and Source



Percentage of eligible children under age 3 enrolled in a Rhode Island Early Head Start program as of October of a given year.

Starting with 2020, RI Kids Count now reports data by city/town, not school district.

Data Source

Rhode Island Early Head Start Programs, as of October.


The denominator is the estimated number of eligible children based on the number of chidren under age 3 in each community multiplied by the percentage of children living in families with incomes under 130% of the poverty rate for children under 5 years of age, according to Census 2000, SF 3. This is an estimate of the eligible population and does not take into account any increases or decreases in the number of income-eligible children since 2000. Children younger than 3 are more likely to be poor than children ages 3 to 5. Thus, using the poverty rate for children under age 5 probably underestimates the numbers of children younger than age 3 below poverty and elgible for Early Head Start.

Last Updated

July 2023