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Child abuse and neglect rate in Rhode Island

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Definition and Source



The total unduplicated number of victims of child neglect and abuse per 1,000 children. Child neglect includes emotional, educational, physical, and medical neglect, as well as a failure to provide for basic needs. Child abuse
includes physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. 

Data Source

Data are from the Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth and Families, Rhode Island Children’s Information System (RICHIST). These data include child victims living out-of-state and in unknown residences.


Beginning in 2008, the denominator is the number of children under age 18 according to the U.S. Census. In 2008, Rhode Island lowered the eligibility age for entry into DCYF services to children and youth under age 18, although some youth may remain eligible for services after their 18th birthdays.

Starting with data for 2011, rates are based on the Census 2010 population. Previous years are based on the Census 2000 population. This change should be noted when looking at trends over time.

Child victims are an unduplicated count of child abuse and neglect victims for which credible evidence exists that child abuse and/or neglect occurred. Child abuse includes physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Neglect includes emotional, educational and medical neglect.

Last Updated

July 2023