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High school dropouts in Oklahoma

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Dropout rates are calculated by adding up the dropouts from 9th through 12th grade for the selected graduating class. This number is then divided by itself plus the graduate count from the selected year to derive the rate. Public school officials are required to notify the State Department of Education (OSDE) of the name, address, race and age of any pupil dropping out of school. (Required by state law, Title 70, Okla. Supp. 2005 § 35 e (A)). Beginning with the Class of 2017, the dropout rate is calculated using all high school dropouts; prior year's data was calculated for dropouts under 19 years of age.

NOTE: A request for updated data has been made to the Oklahoma State Department of Education. New data will be loaded when it becomes available by the data provider.

Data Source

School data provided by the Office of Accountability using data from the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE).

Last Updated

May 2020