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Children age 3 to 21 enrolled in special education in public schools in North Dakota

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Definition and Source



This indicator represents the number of public school children ages 3 through 21 enrolled in special education. The denominator for the percentage is total public school enrollment in respective geographic areas.

Data Source

North Dakota Department of Public Instruction


NA - Data is suppressed if the number of students enrolled (denominator) is less than 10. Additional suppression is applied if the percentage approached zero or 100 using ranges. 
GEOGRAPHY - Data reflect the school location, not the student's place of residence.
DATE - Data on special education status is from the official December child count of the reference school year. Enrollment data is from the fall (September) enrollment snapshot.
LIMITATIONS - Starting school year 2017/18, the denominator was changed slightly to more accurately represent the same parameters of the numerator. Students are included in the special education count (numerator) or the total enrollment (denominator) if they were enrolled in a public school district, including students who may only use district resources and are not enrolled in a specific school.

Last Updated

April 2024