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Juvenile cases transferred to or filed in adult court [ages 8 to 17] in Arizona

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Data represents the number of juveniles with petitions that were transferred or direct filed to adult court during the fiscal year. A juvenile petition is a legal document prepared and filed by the county attorney in juvenile court. The petition alleges that a juvenile is a delinquent, incorrigible, or dependent child and requests that the court assume jurisdiction over the juvenile, or that the juvenile be transferred to a criminal court for prosecution as an adult. The figure is duplicated to the extent that a juvenile may have both direct filed and transferred petitions during one fiscal year.

FY__ - Fiscal Year and the last two digits of the year. Each fiscal year starts on July 1st and ends on June 30th. The year on which it ends defines the FY reported here. e.g. July 1, 1999 to June 30, 2000 is Fiscal Year 2000 or FY00

Rates are per 1,000 youth ages 8-17

Data Source

Arizona Administrative Office of the Courts, Juvenile Justice Services; Arizona's Juvenile Court Counts - Table 11.2 Pathways to Adult Court by County; U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey Table B09001 Population under 18 years of age.

Arizona's Juvenile Court Counts, Juveniles Processed in AZ Court System FY00-FY12
Arizona's Juvenile Court Counts provides an overview of the juveniles processed at various stages of the juvenile justice system statewide during each fiscal year. The data for this report are drawn from the fifteen Juvenile Courts' Juvenile On-Line Tracking System (JOLTS). Selected breakdowns of an unduplicated juvenile count are presented at the following stages: Referral; Diversion; Petition; Dispositions of Dismissed; Penalty Only; Standard Probation; Juvenile Intensive Probation Supervision; Gender, Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections; Direct Filed in and Transferred to Adult Court; and Juveniles Detained.

Beginning in 2018
U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey Table B09001 Population under 18 years of age is used to calculate rates. 

Prior to July 24, 2013
Population estimates used to determine the rates for 2003 were calculated by taking the percentage of 8-17 year olds in each county according to the 2000 Census Table QTP-2 and multiplying that percentage by the population estimates for 2003 found in Table 1: Annual Estimates of the Population for Counties of Arizona: April 1, 2000 to July 1, 2003 (CO-EST2003-01-04) from the US Census Bureau, Population Division.

After July 24, 2013
Population estimates were taken from the Central for Disease Control and Prevention, National Vital Statistics System, July 1, 2000-July 2009 Revised Bridged-Race Intercensal Population Estimates and Vintage 2012 Bridged-Race Postcensal Population Estimates

These population estimates were used to recalculate the rates for years 2002-2012, because they are broken down by single year of age and thus provided a more accurate estimate of the 8-17 year old population in each county.


Petitions transferred to criminal court changed in 1997 due to the passage of Proposition 102 and the implementing legislation which requires county attorneys to file in criminal court if the juvenile is 15 years of age or older and has committed specified violent crimes or is a chronic felony offender. The legislation also permits the county attorney to file in criminal court for juveniles ages 14 and above for a number of offenses and for chronic offenders.

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