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Population ages 18 to 24 and ages 25 to 64 in Maine

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Why This Indicator Matters

These age groups, ages 18 to 24 and ages 25 to 64 represent the young adult and adult workforce population in Maine. Having an overall count by age group and county also helps understand issues of access and service use by county. 

What the data shows

In Maine, the young adult population, ages 18 to 24 increased by 4,102 people between 2019 and 2022 or 3.8%. Adults ages 25 to 64 also increased ion population by 1.6% or 11,087 more people in that 40-year age group. For both age groups, this reverses the population trends for the years 2016 to 2019.

At the county level, comparing 2019 to 2022, nine counties experienced growth for young adult ages 18 to24, led by Androscoggin County which increased in population by 2,085 young adults, or 23%. Franklin and Hancock Counties had 16% and 13% increases with 463 and 477 more young adults respectively. By contrast, Aroostook and Penobscot declined in the population of young adults by 9% and 8% respectively.

For the population ages 25 to 64, between 2019 and 2022, the population changed less dramatically with 3% growth in York, Cumberland and Lincoln Counties. Counties with the largest loss in population for ages 25 to 64 were Franklin and Washington down 2% each, with numerical declines of 367 and 360 people respectively.
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The number of individuals ages 18 to 24 and the number ages 25 to 64.

Last Updated

October 2023