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Average public school classroom teacher salary (adjusted for inflation) in Louisiana

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Definition and Source



The average salary of a public school classroom teacher for a school year, including extra compensation, adjusted for inflation to reflect May 2022 dollars.

Figures exclude school district teachers reported in sabbatical leave status and all post-secondary, 3rd-party, or contract services staff members. ROTC, Rehires, and Salary Reductions are not included in these figures.

Note that variations in salary averages over time and among parishes can be due to a variety of factors, including differences in the education levels of teachers, years of experience, and pay scales. Two parishes with the same exact pay scale could have very different salary averages if one parish had a large proportion of experienced teachers with Master's degrees, while the other parish mostly employed recent college graduates without Master's degrees. Additionally, the composition of some districts (including East Baton Rouge Parish and Orleans Parish) have changed over time as the Recovery School District assumed and relinquished oversight of some schools.

Data Source

Agenda for Children's analysis of the Louisiana Department of Education's End-of-Year School Year Profile of Educational Personnel reports.


All dollar amounts were converted by Agenda for Children into 2023 dollars using the Consumer Price Index.

Timeframes are reported by the beginning of the school year. For example, 2010 data reflects data for the 2010-2011 school year.

N.A. - indicates that data was not available. 

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December 2023