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Teen violent deaths (rate per 100,000 15-19 year-olds) in Kansas

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Definition and Source



Teen Violent Deaths is the number of deaths (from homicide, suicide, and motor vehicle accidents) of teens 15–19 years of age per 100,000 teens of the same age range.

Data Source

Data is from the Kansas State Child Death Review Board, with data supplied by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.


Data represent calendar year. Some Frontier Counties have only a few hundred teenagers, so one teen violent death leads to hundreds per 100,000 teen population. For example the rate of 1,429 deaths per 100,000 teens in Greeley County 2017 was a single death due to motor vehicle accidents. Statewide, the teen violent deaths increased from 68 persons in 2016 to 90 persons in 2017.

Last Updated

December 2022