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TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) enrollment for children, adults, and families 2017 onwards in District of Columbia

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The average number of TANF recipient children, adults, and households per fiscal year.

The agency does not collect information on the ward of TANF recipients but uses geocoding to associate each household with a ward, which is an imperfect process. For many recipients, the agency was not able to associate them with a ward. For example, this was the case for 163 adults, 339 children, and 298 households in 2019; 160 adults, 355 children, and 307 households in 2020; and 154 adults, 346 children, and 304 households in 2021. As a result the Districtwide fields will add up to more than the sum of the ward-specific fields, and some year-to-year variation at the ward level may be explained by this issue.

In some cases an annual average was not available so a single month point-in-time data point is reported instead. That's the case for the 2017 and 2018 data.

Data Source

DC Department of Human Services response to data requests.

Updated October 2023

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October 2023