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Child care capacity, by type in North Dakota

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Definition and Source



This indicator represents the number of children that can be served by four types of child care providers: licensed providers, licensed school age providers, standard compliance certification and registered in-home providers, registered tribal providers, and approved relative providers (i.e., child care supply).
Note: Starting in 2020, Licensed School Age care is in a separate category. Prior to 2020, school-age care was grouped with the Licensed category.

Data Source

North Dakota Department of Human Services


UPDATED - February 2020 (Note: Data for 2021 is not reliably available due to a switch in data systems at the Department of Human Services)
GEOGRAPHY - Data reflect the location of the child care program. Providers matched to a tribal area or out-of-state are matched to the county of closest proximity.
DATE - Provider capacity as of February 1 of reference year.

Last Updated

April 2022