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Exclusive breastfeeding through 3 and 6 months in Alaska

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Definition and Source



The percentages of infants who were 
(1) exclusively breastfed for at least 3 months
(2) exclusively breastfed for at least 6 months

Questions 20042005:
How old was [child] when s/he was first fed something other than breast milk? This includes formula, juice, cow’s milk, water, sugar water, solid foods or anything else.
Questions 2006present:
How old was [child’s name] when (he/she) was first fed formula?
This next question is about the first thing that [child] was given other than breast milk or formula. Please include juice, cow’s milk, sugar water, baby food, or anything else that [child] may have been given, even water. How old was [child’s name] when (he/she) was first fed anything other than breast milk or formula?

Data Source

National Immunization Survey-Child, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 20042020

NIS uses random-digit dialing to survey US households with children and teens. Since July 2001, breastfeeding questions have been asked on the NIS and are used to monitor breastfeeding rates at both national and state levels by birth year. All respondents with children aged 19 to 35 months are asked the breastfeeding questions.


Breastfeeding data is reported by child's birth year rather than survey year.

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May 2024