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Children in foster care in North Dakota

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Definition and Source



This indicator represents children placed in living situations outside their family home as a result of Juvenile Court intervention. In most cases custody is given to either a County Social Service Board, a Tribal Social Service office, the Division of Juvenile Services, or the Executive Director of the North Dakota Department of Human Services (e.g., in cases where parental rights have been terminated). Numbers are unduplicated cases and exclude subsidized adoption. The data represent all children receiving foster care services during the fiscal year.

The denominator for the percentage is the total child population ages 0 through 18 in respective geographic areas.

Data Source

Numerator: North Dakota Department of Human Services, Children and Family Services
Denominator: U.S. Census populations with bridged race categories from the National Center for Health Statistics. Obtained from the Missouri Census Data Center:


NA - Data is suppressed where the number is five or less, or could be used to identify another geography with five or less.
GEOGRAPHY - Data reflect the child's place of residence.
DATE - Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) (October 1 - September 30).
NOTE - Prior to FFY 2004, foster care data presented on the county level  reflect only those children for whom the County Social Service Board in question was responsible. Thus, the county numbers do not include children in the custody of a division other than a County Social Service Board. Children in the custody of organizations other than County Social Service Boards are included in the statewide total. Beginning with FFY 2004 data, all children being served by foster care, regardless of the custodian, are reported for each county where they are being served. 

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October 2023