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Teens ages 16 to 19 not attending school and not working, detailed in Maine

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Why This Indicator Matters

Teens ages 16 to 19 who are not in school or working are at high risk of experiencing negative outcomes as they transition to adulthood. Limited skills and work history — combined with few financial resources to invest in developing the necessary skills or qualifications — restrict access to good jobs as well as future higher wages. 

What the data show
The overall state rate for 2018-2022 for teens ages 16 to19 not working or in school is 3.9% or an estimated 2,567 youth in Maine. This is above than the pre=pandemic 5-year rate of 2015-2019 of 3.3%, 

For the latest 5-year period, 2017-2021 the rate of teens age 16 to19 not working in school varied between a high of 14.0% in Lincoln County to a low of under 1% in Sagadahoc and 1.6% in Franklin County. The counties with the highest rates of teens not in school and not working for the period 2017-2021 other than Lincoln County were Oxford at 8.5% and Piscataquis at 7.5%.

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Definition and Source



Teenagers between age 16 and 19 who are not enrolled in school (full- or part-time) and not employed (full- or part-time) or actively looking for work, and thus not in the labor force.

Data Source

American Community Survey 5-year data, Table B14005.



This is based on 5-year averages from the American Community Survey, so 2022 refers to surveys from 2018-2022.  Note that youth who are unemployed but actively looking for work are counted as being in the labor force. This measure is the number of teens not in the labor force and not in school.

s means the number and percent are too small to show and are estimated to be below half of one percent.

Last Updated

December 2023