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Number of completed cases and children in founded reports and family assessments in Virginia

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Definition and Source



When a case of suspected child abuse or neglect is reported, the local Department of Social Services decides whether to conduct a family assessment or an investigation.  Investigations are either founded or unfounded.

Data Source


The reporting year refers to the State Fiscal Year (e.g., 2009 data represent July 2008 through June 2009).

NOTE: Locality-level data for this indicator are intended only for tracking numbers over time for a given locality.  Because Virginia has a state-supervised, locally administered social services system, it is difficult to compare numbers across localities due to variable social service staffing and practice and community standards.  Drawing conclusions based on rates of child abuse and neglect is problematic because a low number may be indicative of a real difference in level of abuse in different communities or may merely reflect differences in reporting patterns, investigation procedures, or standards.  For this reason, users are strongly discouraged from using these data to compare one locality's number to another. 

Last updated: March 2021

Last Updated

March 2021