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Uninsured Children by Race (CPS) in Kansas

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Definition and Source



Percent of Children Under Age 19 without Health Insurance by Race.

Data Source

Source: U.S. Census Bureau. Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economics Supplement.


2018 Estimates are based on two-year average of the March Current Population Survey 2018-2019 (reflecting 2016/17-2017/18 health insurance coverage). The 2019 CPS ASEC (2018 calendar year estimates) is the first release of a “Production File” to feature a new data processing system that takes into account changes made to the health insurance questions in the 2014 CPS ASEC redesign. Changes include the addition of new variables related to types of coverage that a person held at the time of interview including that from the marketplace. The 2019 new processing system (reflecting 2018 status) used a new set of variables different from those used in old system to produce the uninsured rates, and Census has not published the official codes for calculating health insurance coverage yet.  According to Census, health insurance estimates created using the new processing system (2018 status) should not be compared with estimates produced using the old processing system (2017 and prior). Therefore, the 2018 numbers above combining the health insurance variables from the old 2018 and new 2019 CPS ASEC processing systems and are only shown for your information.  We don't know how much of the change from 2017 was due to the artifact of the different systems.

Last Updated

December 2020