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Family structure among families with children under age 18 in New Hampshire

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Why This Indicator Matters

A large body of literature on family structure and child wellbeing documents the disadvantages confronted by children growing up in single-parent families (Hair et al. 2015 and Ratcliffe 2015). It is also worth noting, however, that many of the challenges faced by children in single-parent families are complicated by other factors that co-occur with single-parenthood, like lack of economic resources or time.
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Definition and Source



Family structure (married-couple family, single-father family, and single-mother family) among families with children under age 18 by county. 

Data Source

U.S. Census Bureau (2016), American Community Survey, Table B11003, Family Type by Presence and Age of Own Children Under 18 Years, 5 Year Estimates, 2019-2021


Updated February 2023.

Last Updated

February 2023