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Infant mortality rate by Medicaid enrollment in Alaska

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Definition and Source



The number of deaths among Medicaid-enrolled infants under 1 year, per 1,000 live births enrolled in Medicaid; the number of deaths among infants under 1 year not enrolled in Medicaid, per 1,000 live births not enrolled in Medicaid.  This is a 5-year moving average.

Alaska links vital records to Medicaid/CHIP enrollment data records to determine enrollment of either parent or infant at the time of the birth. To maintain the same criteria, we use the Medicaid status determined at birth for infants who died (rather than enrollment in Medicaid at or around the time of death).

Data Source

Alaska Section of Health Analytics and Records


Five years of data were combined to minimize the unreliability of measurement due to the small number of actual events. The reported values are a moving average across five years.

Last Updated

March 2023