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Births by race in Florida

Births by race

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The number of live births. The birth rate is the number of live births per 1,000 resident population. Race entries usually are tabulated as stated on the birth certificate. However, designations such as "Hispanic" are generally classified as "white". Designations such as "bi-racial," "nonwhite," or "mixed" are classified as "other entries". There are 15 race designations from which any number may be chosen. For tabulation purposes, frequency counts for each of the 15 designations indicate that only a single selection was made. When a single category "other" was selected and a black Hispanic designation was specified, the race was classified as "black". Otherwise, "other" with a Hispanic designation was classified as "white". Multiple selections of race are tabulated under the "other/multi-race" category. "Black" and "other" were combined to create nonwhite.

Data Source

Office of Vital Statistics, Florida Department of Health, Jacksonville, FL


Based on place of residence; mother's residence was used when it differed from the father's residence. Rates utilized population estimates furnished by the Office of Economic and Demographic Research.
Beginning with 2014 data for race and ethnicity are presented differently than in previous years. See new indicator.

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October 2015