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Food insecurity in Delaware

Food insecurity

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Why This Indicator Matters

Food insecurity refers to a household’s inability or struggles to provide for their basic food needs. Although food insecurity and poverty are strongly associated, not everyone who lives in poverty has this problem. Because of the many interrelated problems that low-income families face, food insecurity does not exist in isolation. Poor nutrition can hamper developmental milestones for children caused by a poor diet and insufficient intake of vital nutrients.
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Definition and Source



Number and percentage of children estimated to be food insecure: according to the Census Bureau's Current Population Survey, a child is food insecure if they live in a household having difficulty meeting basic food needs.

Data Source

Data Source: Feeding America analysis of Current Population Survey data on food insecure households and survey data by the American Community Survey (ACS) on household income, unemployment, poverty, race & ethnicity, and homeownership.


Last Updated

May 2024