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Teen substance use by risk factor in Delaware

Teen substance use by risk factor

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Why This Indicator Matters

The health and well-being of adolescents and teenagers in communities nationwide is endangered by alcohol and drug use. Common social and environmental risk factors such as poor education, family-related stress and exposure to drugs and drug-abusing peers have been shown to contribute significantly to use of drugs and alcohol. Periods of transition, and the new challenges and environments that often come with these transitional times in young people's lives are considered especially high risk periods for drug use.
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Definition and Source



Data from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey that illustrate substance use by different segments of the Delaware high school student population including sexual identity, race, incarceration of parents, disability status, and victims of bullying. 

Data Source

Youth Risk Behavior Survey. Center for Drug and Health Studies, University of Delaware


Not sure includes I describe my sexual identity some other way, I am not sure about my sexual identity (questioning), and I am not sure what this question is asking. These options were added in 2021.

In past years, multi racial and other were separated. By combining them, fewer numbers are suppressed.

S: Data suppressed
NA: Data not available

Last Updated

January 2023